Principal's Message

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Principal's Message

Education is a dynamic process, which involves cultivation of innocent minds, instilling in them a sense of self-confidence, enabling them to be responsible and thoughtful member of the society.

Education also encourages one to be a lifelong learner, contently looking for newer skills, ideas and insights. Considering today's ever changing scenario, as well as preparations for tomorrow, the four attributes of ' Comprehension, Computation, Communication and Co-operation' should be the prime focus of a good learning institution.

At KIS, we recognize that every child is unique and has to be addressed and nurtured with personal attention so that they emerged confident and competent citizens of the country with a will to contribute to the nation building. The holistic growth is nurtured through several disciplines of learning including arts, physical education, music, health consciousness and eco-sensitivity. Keeping the holistic growth for students in mind and realizing the need to prepare them with skills needed in the 21st century, our curriculum synthesizes the best practices of all the major Indian and International boards and we follow the CBSE Board to deliver a value based system of Education.

If innovation and novel ideas are a key to a bright future, then we can surely remain assured of our place under the pedagogic sun. We put forward a distinctive blend of offerings in the areas of knowledge and enterprise in the form of encouraging students for debates elocution and quiz contests as well as organizing and taking part in various cultural events. We also have extra-curricular activity periods where multifarious disciplines like music, dance, cricket, basketball, football etc. are taught under the careful guidance of renowned coaches and teachers.

We focus on developing the multiple intelligence of students, their emotional strength, critical thinking and inter-personal communication skills through curricular and non-curricular content and pedagogy so that learning is stress-free and is all fun.