Set in 5 acres of attractive countryside, just five kilometres from Aligarh city centre, KrishKnights enjoy a calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere drawing upon the beautiful location of the campus.

Krishna International is a marvel of modern architecture and impeccable landscaping. Blending seamlessly with the environs, beautiful and functional academic campus.

Lively Air Conditioned classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, spacious and comfortable social rooms are at the heart of the School campus. Extensive co-curricular facilities including an indoor swimming pool and multiple playing fields and courts add to the tranquil environment at Krishna International.

The School is a safe and secure place for Students. The CCTV control room monitors all activities pan-campus without interfering with the privacy of Students.

School boasts state of the art air-conditioned transport to ensure the comfort of the students during their commute to and from school.

Professional security personnel guard the campus round-the-clock to ensure utmost safe environment for the Future Brand Ambassadors of the School.

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