Sri Harsish Chandra Singhal Inter school memorial Tournament.

The Sri Harish Chandra Singhal Inter School Memorial Sports Tournament is an eagerly anticipated annual event that brings together a multitude of schools in a celebration of athletic prowess and sportsmanship. This grand competition features an impressive array of approximately 10 sports, ranging from track and field events to team sports like Badminton, basketball, and tabletennis, chess , Kabaddi etc. It serves as a dynamic platform for students to showcase their talents, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. Participating schools from diverse backgrounds converge to engage in spirited contests, promoting not only physical fitness but also camaraderie and mutual respect. The tournament pays homage to Sri Harish Chandra Singhal's dedication to holistic education, emphasizing the importance of both academic and athletic achievements. Through this sporting extravaganza, we strive to instill values of discipline, perseverance, and collaboration among the participants, creating memories that resonate far beyond the tournament grounds.

* Students are sent to participate in numerous district, state and national sports tournaments. Students also get an opportunity to participate in Nationals through the CBSE cluster.