As per the National Educational Policy (NEP)- 2024, Academic structure of KIS learning system includes visually appealing books, cutting-edge technology, best pedagogical practices, and catering to four approaches to KIS Learning System.

Learning system I : FOUNDATIONAL
Learning system II : PREPRATORY
Learning system III : MIDDLE
Learning system IV : SECONDARY
Foundational Stage (5 years | Age 3-8 Years)

The first part, which lasts for five years, consists of a child's early school years. It consists of:

  • Three years of pre-primary education with an emphasis on interactive, lighthearted learning.
  • Grades 1 and 2 comprise the next two years, with a focus on basic literacy and numeracy.
Preparatory Stage (3 years | Age 8- 11 Years)

Grades 3 through 5 are included in this three-year period. Subjects are integrated for a thorough learning experience through a multifaceted teaching strategy. At this stage:

  • Exploration and discovery are given more weight.
  • In an effort to foster comprehension and application, the curriculum presents difficult ideas and moves away from memorization.
Middle Stage (3 years | Age 11-14 Years)

This group, which includes students in grades 6 through 8, goes more deeply into the topic:

  • A deeper examination of the material encourages critical thinking in the students.
  • The introduction of project-based learning guarantees that students obtain practical experience.
Secondary Stage (4 years | 14-18 Years)

The last section, which includes grades 9 through 12, gets pupils ready for their next steps, whether they are going to college or getting a job. Over the course of these four years:

  • Pupils are free to select topics that interest them.
  • Real-world skills and abilities are prioritized, with an emphasis on holistic development.
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