Dear Parents,

Won’t you all agree that a school must be located away from the hustle-bustle of the city? There should be no power-horns cracking the ear-drums of the innocent lives– the bedlam of the market, the rush of traffic and all this prove to be a nightmare for school-going kids. No wonder, today’s child is averse to teaching-learning, not to say disoriented to visit the school and classroom(s).

Times have changed and so do the tastes, demands, and requirements of a modern kid and the so-called old-schools of learning fail to cater to live up to the sky-rocketing aspirations of a cyber-techno pupil of gen-next. The century-old ways and methodologies can’t work and take the pupils to trail off the path of modern challenges and make them an ‘unfit’.

Krishna International School since its inception tried to target this core concept of education and changed the dynamics of imparting times savvy, challenges-oriented, skill honing and developing, keeping the future mechanism in mind, and preparing the tomorrow leaders through our visionary, platinum edged multifarious approach.

The school is located in lush green, serene lap of Mother Nature and this gives a calm and meditated feel of our saintly ‘Gurukul’ of ancient/Vedic India. Krishna being the pioneer in state of the art infrastructure believes a stress-free environment can do wonders in a kid’s personality. So the school takes it as a responsibility to provide a cool,

clean and composed atmosphere that includes all five elements of stature including air and water.

Our school does believe in the fact that versatility of a pupil must be aroused.

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